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Hard Drive Failure
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Hard Drive Failure
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Customer Service
Customer Service

Hard Drive Loss

We have helped many people get their data and business up running as quick as possible
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Hard Drive Loss

Hard Drive Data
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Your screen goes blank! The company server has crashed! All your workstations are out of service! You cannot place orders! The accounting - gone! As the financial consequences of your predicament sink in, you feel sick and hopeless. All that work, lost!

This is where Recover911 come into play.

We are a collection of very special people with unique talents and dispositions, hand picked from around the world. We recover mission critical data when all other conventional methods and experts have failed.

Innovative problem solvers, we convert your data loss crisis into a managed, commonsense experience with cost-effective results.

Whether your data loss is the result of mechanical or electrical failure, virus activity, system malfunctions, accidental erasure or re-format, water, fire or smoke damage, or file corruption, we have the uniquely talented people and the resources in-house to solve the problem.

Clients are happy with our technical expertise, but what they remember most about us is our attention to providing customer service. We understand that your data is important, and we help you manage the chaos of a data loss crisis.

We listen. When you call our labs, the first thing you will hear is the friendly voice of one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. We will ask you about the events leading to your data loss and advise you of your immediate recovery options.

When you send your media in for data recovery, our engineers will perform a comprehensive diagnostic to determine exactly what has gone wrong. We will engineer the most cost-effective and timely procedures to get the data back working for you again.

We will then Fax-Back the results to you within 4-6 hours and include a quotation for the complete recovery service. Your data is valuable... So is your time.

We know that the most valuable commodity in business is time, and we value yours. We aim to get your data back to life quickly, usually within 24-48 hours, depending on the extent of the damage.

With Federal Express, our partners in performance, we can arrange next-day shipment of your data to almost anywhere in the world, to get you and your organization up and running with minimal down-time.

In addition, we have taken special measures to reduce the time you spend in uncertainty. We are in keeping you informed of the status of your data recovery, by phone, fax, or E-mail.

Any media, any operating system, any situation

Regardless of your media type or operating system, we have probably seen it before. Standard PC hard drives are a large part of our business, but we also rescue data from RAID Arrays, Servers, removable media such as floppies, CD-ROM and tapes. If you have lost data from a laptop, we have the tools to retrieve it, regardless of age, make or model.

Our proprietary recovery technology is not operating system dependent. From DOS to Novell to Macintosh to UNIX, we have the technology and expertise to retrieve your data.

If you think your data is unrecoverable, reconsider: we have recovered data from dropped, fire-damaged and water-damaged drives, and from accidentally erased media as well. Our engineers have a commitment to innovation, and have developed in-house proprietary software and hardware solutions to retrieve the maximum amount of data.

We have recovered data for Fortune 500 companies, governments and many of the leading educational and research institutions. They trust Recover911 with their data because they know we will explore all avenues to get it back. Our secure facilities have been designed and dedicated to recovering data and developing new solutions to keep pace with the new technologies. Our engineers are gifted problem-solvers, and regularly develop recovery solutions to new technological problems.

We do the little things right. Attention to detail is critical to our business. We will return your files on the media you specify. Our customer service representatives will follow up with you after we have returned your media, to assure everything is working to your satisfaction.

Recover911 has only one form of business…. DATA RECOVERY. Our sole livelihood rests on our expertise in recovering "lost data".

Recover911's normal business is receiving brokered data recovery projects from computer companies that advertise data recovery solutions. Recover911 is the solution. Lately, "data recovery" companies have been sprouting up like wildflowers, yet only a handful of them are capable of handling the largely diverse disaster situations that can only be resolved by true recovery companies like Recover911.

Recover911 has successfully completed thousands of recovery projects some being written off from other Data Recovery companies as unrecoverable or CATASTROPHIC. Our success has saved millions of dollars for private companies, corporations, government department divisions, law enforcement agencies, school districts, universities and medical centers in what was thought to be forever-lost data.

Recover911 maintains over 4000 hard disk drives and our disk drive purchasing department can find virtually all older obsolete or hard to find drives. This complementing combination is a requirement for data recovery. Cannibalizing our working drives is a normal procedure for our engineering staff to extracting the data from your physically damaged drive.

With all these reasons what's the delay, CALL Recover911 Today!!!

Recover911 sole business activity is recovering data files and lost information from downed or inaccessible storage devices and network servers. This exclusive focus, combined with a dedication to constant and ongoing research and development has led to widespread demand for our technical capabilities and a reputation as the most technically successful recovery service available - anywhere at any price.

Our success is in large part due to a policy of performing all billable work with a Data Guarantee that is unmatched in the industry.

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